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I can help from the first stage of development, focusing on the story, theme, and characters, and guide you in writing a strong script with resonating characters.

Do you need assistance with the following services:


  • Writing an entire screenplay or a strong outline

  • Guidance with development of story and characters

  • Book to screenplay adaptions

  • Script re-writes

  • Script polishes 

  • Ghostwriting scripts

  • Notes on scripts

When I write, I take it very seriously, thoroughly, and most importantly, I take it to heart because I realize they’re entrusting me with their heart’s desires and ‘babies’ so to speak, so ultimately, it makes me happy and fulfilled when they are. 

"Working with Marianne has been pure bliss! I’ve been a professional writer for 16 years, and I’m always on the lookout for people who inspire me and raise my game. As soon as I met Marianne, I knew I would keep her close. Marianne is a breath of fresh air. Most of the scripts I read are derivative of the latest box office hit. Marianne’s writing, however, comes from a well deep within her. I always feel privileged when I read her work – her writing is so authentic and personal, I feel as if I’m being allowed access to her soul. I highly recommend working with this beautiful, brilliant, thoughtful human being. Not only has she raised my game, she has deeply enriched my life."

Cindy Davis

Screenwriter at

Twentieth Century Fox

"Marianne finds the magic and beauty in the world and challenges us, through her writing, to explore its endless possibilities."

Madeleine Sherak, PhD

Producer of Harmony at Walt Disney

Twentieth Century Fox

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